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When you stake your Bloxies, you'll be rewarded with fBXS tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Ethereum (ETH) or swapped for a Bloxies NFT, giving you flexibility in utilizing your rewards.

How to Earn Rewards!?
  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Baton website (

  2. Search for Bloxies and select the BXS-ETH LP farm

  3. Select the Bloxies you want to deposit

  4. Click the "Approve NFTs" button

  5. Approve the connection on MetaMask and pay the ETH gas fees (ensure you have sufficient ETH to complete the transaction)

  6. Click the "Deposit and Earn" button

⚠️ Please read before staking: When you withdraw Bloxies NFTs from a farm, you will select from the Bloxies currently in the pool. For the optimal experience, we suggest staking Bloxies that hold no sentimental value to you, as any member of the pool may withdraw the Bloxies you initially deposited.

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